Friday, July 13, 2007

Pie Chart: Pies

The polls are in!

Pies are a universal (read=Aussie) tradition, and this has nothing to do with apples folks. A pie is basic food, the people's food, and it is all a part of their convict tradition. See, the story goes way back to 1734, when one of the first Aussie convicts, Shane McBogan, was shipped to Victoria from London, for stealing a pewter AC/DC belt buckle. Whence he landed upon the New World, he had nary the skill for cultivating his own food, having been raised on curries, fish n' chips, and other foods kind to the people of stray teeth...hence was born the Aussie Pie.

The pie is a flaky dough encapsulating various forms of meat, the most common of which is The Meat Pie, in this poll defeating The Shepherds Pie (brought over from England) by a slim margin. Being always a proponent of the underdog, the Aussies now cherish the Cornish Pastie (no one likes the Corn person of England), and from there, they cultivated their own versions of "the greatest food ever invented that weren't just 'roo meat."

The winners:
1. Meat Pie
2. Shepherds Pie
3. Cornish Pastie
3. Steak & Curry Pie
4. Steak & Kidney Pie
5. Thai Chicken Pie
6. Asparagus, Sweet Corn & Cheese Pie
7. Beef & Vegemite Pie
8. Nachos Pie
9. Beef & Burgundy Pie
10. Cheese & Bacon Pie
11. Possum Pie
12. Marsupial Mash Pie


Colleen said...

OK. do nachoes pies come with mexi-crisps? if not, what are you supposed to eat them with, a sombrero?

Colleen said...

wait. i can't believe i spelled it "nachoes."
i deserve to be hit with the cactus that i am having a siesta against, in a poncho.

Opinion Vendor said...

Fun factoid: Cornish Pasties used to have meat at one end and some sort of sweet conserve at the other end - both wrapped in the same bit of pastry.
This allowed the Cornish miners to have both a delicious main course and a delightful dessert in a single handy parcel.


nb: I said "factoid" so it doesn't have to be true. I also used "conserve" to bridge the terminological chasm between jelly and jam. I'm like the fucking UN.