Saturday, January 3, 2009

Pun Times in Sydney

If Melbourne is home to the hair salon pun, I guess Sydney wins "most pervy". After 2 years in Safety Town, I finally ventured up there and spent a very nice Christmas just outside the home of Hugh Jackman. [Not literally. The closest I've come to stalking an Australian actor was drunkenly going through Heath Ledger's recycling bin in Brooklyn. I wish I were kidding.]

Anyhoo. I was strolling along Oxford Street when I looked up and saw a booze store entitled Lick-Her Shop. It actually exists! I'd been told about it but assumed my friend was just talking shit.

Not only is it real, it happened to be adjacent to The Tool Shed, which I'm guessing is a euphemism for a vagina because, well, it looked like a vagina club. Lo and behold I was on to something, because right next to that was The Pleasure Chest. Apparently Sydney is also home to Governor's Pleasure Lingerie Restaurant as well as Bada Bing Nightclub. I didn't see these last two, and they're not puns, but wow.

I was also impressed by Sequins of Events and wondered how the fuck someone would want to work at a place that undoubtedly caters to bridezillas.

Verne Jewels took me a minute. Hot air balloon: Jules Verne. I didn't go inside, but it didn't seem terrible. All in all I didn't spend enough time in Sydney to find more businesses with pun names, but based on what I did see I'm sure it's chock full.

* * *

This image just needed to be up here. Unbelievable.


Evie said...

The Thai restaurants are well-known for it.

There's a Thairanosaurus or something like that @ Hurstville, I even remember reading about a place called Thai Your Boyfriend Up somewhere in Sydney.

There's also The Slip Inn near Pyrmont(incidentally where the Crown Prince of Denmark met "our Mary" during the 2000 Olympics).

Colleen said...

Wow. I don't think I ever would have gotten Verne Jules, unless I spent a long time on a bench right across from the place.

Somehow, I feel like I was probably there with you for the drunken Heath Ledger recycling rummaging...

Colleen said...

oops, Jewels

ecs said...

Colleen, yes you were there when we were going through the bin. It was right after we humped that large dog pinata in the other neighbor's trash.

Anonymous said...

Great post. I have just launched a photoblog for my collection of hairdressing salon puns in the UK. Check it out:

missionpossible said...

haha the tool shed is FAR from a vagina club. It's a male, gay club. So the penis club would be more accurate.