Monday, February 23, 2009

Americans love a conflict.

Dear Readers,

I received the following email in my inbox today from a fellow American who lives in/blogs about Melbourne:

Dear Sister, My name is Nickolas James Gardner of Inglewood California USA and I am of the royal descent of Jasper Tudor and a total idiot that is a direct descendant of King Henry the VIII.
I run a solo institution that I call my life that is published under the guise of I challenge Husband and thee to a blog off. Accept or don’t accept, Nickolas Gardner

This was my reply:

Bring it.

What should the terms be? Here was my idea: Nick and I will each post once per day for one week, encouraging our readers somewhere in each post to mosey on over to the rival's site, and declaring a daily winner in the comments section. The loser has to [insert annoying American antic/public shame here]

Nick's idea is that we meet up, go on a pub crawl, and the next day, write about our antics on our respective sites.

I like the idea of American v. American in Australia. I imagine for our Aussie readers it'll be a bit like watching some kind of illegal dog fight, except between two dogs you think are obnoxious, so you don't really care about their welfare.

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Nick said...

I'll see your eagle and raise you. I say we combine the two options. This Friday we all go on the pub crawl to draw out the battle lines, then next week starting on Monday we do the daily blog off.