Sunday, September 16, 2007

Australians are a Bunch of Sluts

I snapped this photo on the train platform during my recent excursion out of the city because I am really excited to be living in a place that isn't 100% retarded.

As a U.S American, this vaccine was not offered to me until I was already too old to get it, because certain religious groups caused a big ruckus over how giving women a vaccine against HPV, which leads to 75% of cervical cancer cases, is enabling and exacerbating whoredom.

Because, you know, it's more Christian to abstain from sex than to eradicate the second most deadly cancer to women! Oh and btw, I hope you also understand that if it caused prostate cancer this wouldn't be an issue. Women are just whores, and that's what we need to remember.


Colleen said...

PREACH ON girlfriend!
Seriously, though, women need to stop being such whores.

Neville said...

I need to move to your Australia, my version doesn't have nearly enough sluts for my tastes.

Your Mother said...

Your seventeen-year-old U.S. American sister was recently denied this vaccine without my physical presence and written permission. She pointed out to me later that she can get an abortion in this country without my knowledge, but can't receive protection from a fatal disease. I'll be so glad when Dubya goes to Texas on a permanant brush-clearing mission.

Anonymous said...

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